We are surrounded by technological devices that work according to our whims and fancies by just a touch in its buttons or the screen. But have you ever imagined the complete elimination of these buttons and screen touches and communicating with technology with anything around you, say with the help of a glass wall, or a car door or a metal rack where you store your clothes. This has been made possible by a London based startup called the HyperSurfaces where these experts want to change the process of how technology communicates or involves itself directly with our physical world.


The system of HyperSurfaces incorporates two parts in its working: One is the sensors that help to detect the vibrations that form as soon as the user touches the object. Second, is the system on a chip that employs AI or artificial intelligence to process that emitted sensory information. The technological advancement that makes the chip to undergo all the processing procedures helps to get expeditious feedback.

According to the CEO of Hypersurfaces, all this was not possible even a few years back as the algorithms on which the HyperSurfaces work belonged to the current state of art embedded in a deep learning research. While carrying out this particular experiment a few years back, the computational power of microchips received an explosion while making the machine learning algorithms run in synchronization and locally with the real time. But with incessant efforts on this experiment, it worked with the desired results after a few years of its inception.


The HyperSurface’s system- on- a- chip connects to a laptop first for making your desired action to take place. Now you must still be wondering how to see its functionality? Take the example of your television. If you want to switch it on with this latest technology, just tap your wall. Now after the views get displayed on your TV screen if you feel the sound is too high decrease it. No. Not by using the TV remote. Simply by using another human action like dragging the finger down to decrease the volume will help tune the necessary TV requirements as per your choices. Remember you are using HyperSurfaces’ system of technology.

The co-founder and CEO, Bruno Zamborlin, who is the main conceptualizer of the idea behind HyperSurfaces, is of the view that the physical and the data world can be connected via a seamless way by getting rid of unnecessary use of keywords, button, and touchscreens. The future HyperSurface gadgets will be equipped and strengthened to recognize different human gestures that will trigger these devices instantly to work according to human-specific commands. Also, he is of the futuristic view to help this technology come in a very cost-efficient manner. According to Zamborlin, it is quite difficult to foresee the future with these applications of HyperSurfaces just the way it was quite impossible to imagine how a mobile phone could change the entire phase of technology within a few years of its wide usage. He is under the effort of including the feasibility of making technological products with the help of tangible objects like wood, glass and other metal objects.

For him, the future of HyperSurface’s technology lies in doing some unimaginable things that cannot be even thought of even in today’s tech era. For example, imagine anybody’s home floors be designed with such a security system that will skillfully distinguish the steps of a thief from that of a cat. He also views the design of a car that will have no switches and buttons and create a completely different driving experience.

His team of experts is on incessant efforts to specialize in the niche of employing AI for real-time interactions.

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