The Concept of Hypersurface – Communicating With Real Life Objects

HYPERSURFACE AS A USER INTERFACE We are surrounded by technological devices that work according to our whims and fancies by just a touch in its buttons or the screen. But have you ever imagined the complete elimination of these buttons and screen touches and communicating with technology with anything around you, say with the help […]

Discovery of a New Region of a Brain Could Explain the Unique Nature of Humans

Michio Kaku defines the brain as the most complicated object in the entire universe. This is the exact reason that researches are still going on and scientists are still struggling to come up with new discoveries. The Recent Discovery Made by Professor Paxinos A similar kind of research has been done recently. A professor from […]

New Researches show that Solar System has an outer boundary called ‘hydrogen wall’

Discovery of the new hydrogen wall in space Scientists from NASA has been successful in discovering a new outer wall of the solar system and has named it “hydrogen wall”. It was always thought that the solar system does not have any proper shape or outer line. It was thought of as an expansion of […]