hydrogen wall

Discovery of the new hydrogen wall in space

Scientists from NASA has been successful in discovering a new outer wall of the solar system and has named it “hydrogen wall”.

It was always thought that the solar system does not have any proper shape or outer line. It was thought of as an expansion of an imaginary sheet. This sheet was called “ether”.

Scientists now claim to have seen the invisible boundary with the help of their New Horizons spacecraft. This invisible boundary line has been named as the “hydrogen wall”. This external boundary wall is located at the edge of the solar system.

What is the “hydrogen wall”?

This hydrogen ball is the place where bubbles of the solar winds stop existing. The interstellar matter present here is small but quite strong to prevent solar winds to pass through. This acts as a wall pushing the solar winds inwards.

These solar winds originate from the sun as it keeps throwing a huge amount of matter and energy into space. So far scientists had believed that these solar winds being generated after passing beyond Pluto used to merge with the galactic energy in the space in our Milky Way galaxy.

However, now it has come to light that the matter and energy carried by solar winds gets accumulated in a particular region which in turn builds up this hydrogen wall. This is the region where the solar matter builds a kind of formation while interacting with the interstellar matter.

Why it has been named as “hydrogen wall”?

Well, hydrogen is the most common matter in space. Hydrogen comprises almost the entire sun. This burning of sun gives rise to energy in the form of helium. New Horizon is an interplanetary space satellite that was launched to study different planets in the year 2006. It had crossed Pluto in the year 2015. According to the observations made by New Horizons, it has been deduced by the scientists of Nasa that this outer boundary must be made of hydrogen. A latest published article by NASA explains about this research and the made observations.

However, no confirmation has been received from the scientists on this part. They say that it might be possible New Horizon has just detected some ultraviolet rays instead if a hydrogen wall. So, there is no proof or guarantee on this.

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